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Student Study Breaks

Check out this awesome guide to help you figure out what's what during Study Breaks! Study Breaks are put together by the Bellack Library, OSAS, and Operations at the end of each semester.

virtual study breaks banner

Virtual Study Breaks Spring 2020

Study Breaks is still happening... it just looks a little different this year. Due to COVID-19, we will be having Study Breaks completely online!

The festivities begin with a Self-Care Challenge brought to you by IHP Student Life. Follow @ihpstudentlife to join the challenge and share your self-care tips with the MGH Institute community.

We've also compiled self-care information, tips and more on this page to help you thrive through the rest of the semester. Keep scrolling for ideas on how to create a home study routine.

And that's not all! We will have more activities coming your way over the next few weeks. Keep watching this space and follow @ihpstudentlife and @BellackLibrary for the latest developments.

Home Study Routine Tips

Taking online classes at home can be a challenge compared to learning in the classroom environment. Here are 5 tips on how to create a sustainable home study routine!


Morning/Night routine schedule

1. Make a schedule. 
Rather than staying home and doing your work every now and then throughout the day, scheduling your classes, designated study times, and assignment due dates can hold you accountable for completing your schoolwork. You can click the picture above for a schedule template to help you structure your day! Being at home all day can also make it difficult to stay active. Make sure to schedule break times to stretch, do some light exercise, or take a walk outside. 


how to create a study space


2. Create a study space. 

Many people find it easier to study in a coffee shop or library than at home. If you have no choice but to study at home, try to set up a designated study area that mimics your ideal learning environment. For example, if you like to study with the sound of background noise in a coffee shop, the website Coffitivity provides ambient sounds of a cafe to help boost your productivity. Click the picture above for a guide on how to create a great study space in your room! 


studying/sleeping in bed


3. Don't study in bed. 
Doing work in bed can easily lead you to snooze off or watch another TV show on your laptop. This can disrupt your work productivity, as well as decrease your quality of sleep. Avoid this lose-lose scenario by studying in a designated space and using your bed for sleep. Practice good sleep hygiene by limiting your exposure to blue light on your laptop or phone screen one hour before going to bed! 



4. Wear work clothes at home. 
One appeal of switching to online learning is being able to wear pajamas at home during school. However, research shows that the symbolic meaning of getting dressed for work, even when working from home, can improve your productivity. If this suggestion does not excite you, try to at least change out of your pajamas every morning before beginning your virtual school day. 


reusable grocery bags with food


5. Maintain a balanced diet and drink water. 
Staying at home and studying all day can oftentimes make you forget about maintaining a healthy diet. Drinking water and eating enough fruits and vegetables can naturally energize you and help make you feel loss groggy from staying inside the house. If you are quarantined at home and cannot go to the grocery store to buy healthy foods, click the picture above for a guide on how to plan meals. 


For more study tips on online learning, check out these resources: 



Virtual Study Groups

Do you miss studying in groups? Make your study group virtual! Here are our suggestions for taking your study group online.


Schedule Your Study Sessions

First, use one of these collaborative scheduling tools to find a time when everyone can meet.

Use a Whiteboard

No doubt you're missing the Bellack Library's Whiteboards, too. We get it! If the built in whiteboard in Zoom isn't meeting your needs, here are several more virtual whiteboards you can try out. All platforms have free starter accounts, with options to upgrade to premium accounts for a small fee.

Make it Work

To wrap up, here are links to tips for making your virtual study group successful and for working on group projects online.

Keeping Calm

These free meditation and relaxation resources can help you relieve your stress during difficult times. Calm your mind with a deep breath, art exercise, or a walk outside. Use these resources listed below as a guide to navigate your inner self.


hand holding barbell of heart and brain

Stress Management Resources


watercolor painting of woman meditating on mountain

Creating Art at Home

Creative activities like writing and drawing can boost energy, clear your mind and boost your mood -- even if you aren't artistic. Sure, it may seem juvenile to color but, if it works, why not? 

Don't believe us? Here are some articles to back it up:

  • How to Relieve Stress with Art Therapy
    • "A great way to use the act of drawing for stress relief is to maintain a sketch diary. Keeping a sketchbook can be a form of journaling, and it can be cathartic, creative, and stress relieving." 
  • Draw your Stress Out
    • "Wondering how to calm down in the midst of overwhelming deadlines? Grab a pencil. The rhythmic and repetitive motion of drawing helps synchronize hand and eye, body and mind, and can be used to elicit what Harvard cardiologist, Herbert Benson, has identified as the relaxation response."

  • Writing Therapy: Using a Pen and Paper to Enhance Personal Growth

    • "Writing therapy is a low-cost, easily accessible, and versatile form of therapy. It can be done individually, with just a person and his pen, or it can be guided by a mental health professional. ... Whatever format is chosen, writing therapy can help the user to propel their personal growth, practice creative expression, and feel a sense of empowerment and control over the user’s life."


cartoon of woman meditating

Meditation and Mindfulness Websites and Videos 


person meditating in mountains by water

Meditation and Mindfulness Mobile Apps


woman doing yoga on the beach



"Positivity. The practice of accepting the world as it is."

Social Media Accounts for Positivity

Eating Well

Your diet is a reflection of your health. During stressful times, it can be easy to overlook your nutrition, especially if you can't leave your house. Check out these tips and recipes for maintaining a healthy diet while studying from home. (P.S. - Don't forget to drink water!)


Healthy Eating Recipes and Tips During Social Isolation


Healthy Snack Recipes

If you have these ingredients at home or are able to take a quick trip to the grocery store, these recipes make delicious AND healthy studying snacks! 

   Pumpkin pie energy bites


   • Pumpkin puree
   • Almond butter

   • Vanilla extract
   • Cinnamon
   • S
   • Quinoa flake

   • Quick cooking oats








Cashew almond snack bars


  • Cashews
  • Almonds
  • Dried blueberries
  • Almond meal
  • Flaxseed
  • Salt
  • Vanilla beans
  • Brown rice syrup 






   Banana chips
    • Bananas
    • Lemon juice










Dark chocolate detox bites

  • Dark chocolate
  • Assorted dried fruits, nuts, and seeds

Free Online Activities

Bored from staying inside the house all day? These free online tours, activities, and books can help you occupy your time. Enjoy the arts, nature, music, entertainment, books, and more, all in the comfort of your home! 



Channel Islands National Park

Virtual Tours

Disney World
Virtual Activities  


Online Books